Welcome to Monks Meadery.
We're proud to be Georgia's first meadery. 

Mead is a historical beverage dating back thousands of years and can now be found in many different styles across the country. Our focus is on dry style meads that have some carbonation and we hope you will enjoy them as much as we do. Drink one and make Monks Mead part of your story! Cheers- Martin and Justin

Monks Mead

The Original Monks Mead - Brewed from 100% Wildflower Honey

A Story of Mead: A bottle filled with the history of the world. Known as the nectar of the Gods, mead has been part of mankind's story from the very beginning. Imbibed by the Egyptian Gods, toasted by Romans, and indulged by Vikings after battle, mead's history is rich with lore. Monks Mead is our modern version of mead, and we hope you make it part of your story.


Hibiscus Session Mead with Rose, Elderflower, and Lightly Hopped

A Story of Flowers: Flowers have an ancient history of solving many of man's problems, from a dozen roses for encouraging forgiveness to a calming floral tea for ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep .  We use hibiscus, rose petals, elderflower and hops to create a floral mead balanced to perfection.  We think we nailed it. Have one and make Monks a part of your story.

Peachin' to the Choir

Peach Tea Session Mead


A Story of the South: Historically, Southerners often mixed their spirits with sweet tea to lower the proof so that day drinking could continue until the sun set.  Taking a page from history, we blend organic peach tea with our session mead to give you something you can enjoy anywhere and at any time.  Y’all come down and visit won’t ya, and make Monks a part of your story. Bottoms Up!

(Brewing Soon)

Session Mead with Pear, Apple, and Pineapple Juices

A Story of Restraint: This mead is extremely smooth with hints of pear, apple and pineapple.  This is an extremely restrained session mead that is enjoyable morning, noon and night.  Temperance clocks in at 5% abv; try one when you don’t have to clock in.  Now you can have more than one and make Monks part of your story.  Proost! 


The oldest form of alcohol, mead predates both beer and wine. Grapes are fermented to create wine; different grains and hops are used to create different beers. Honey is fermented to create mead. Styles and flavors can vary widely, but if it’s fermented honey, it’s always known as “the nectar of the gods”.

What is Mead infographic