Session Mead with Pear, Apple, and Pineapple Juices


A Story of Restraint...

This mead is extremely smooth with hints of pear, apple and pineapple.  This is an extremely restrained session mead that is enjoyable morning, noon and night.  Temperance clocks in at 5% ABV; try one when you don’t have to clock in.  Now you can have more than one and make Monks part of your story.  Proost!

Making Mead takes more than just blending honey and water...

At Monks Meadery, we find inspiration from flavor combinations found in other beverages like teas, craft cocktails, and sometimes interesting smoothies. We use ingredients that we can find at our local farmers market or in our pantry.  We’ve played around with some savory ingredients and have made some unique meads with celery, cucumber, and even wormwood (this adds a good bit of bitterness to the mead).  Taking a play from our beer brewer friends, we’ve played around with lactobacillus (bacteria found in yogurt) which has given our mead a sour tartness and another layer of depth to our mead's final flavor... MEAD 101: Learn more about Mead and how we make it; click here.