Monks Meadia

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Monks Meadia- Honey

Anney and Lauren talk to a scientist, a chef, and a mead maker (our co-founder Justin Schoendorf!) about how bees work, the amazing ways that honey can be used, and what's going on with colony collapse disorder.

Atlanta Magazine

"Mead is believed to have been produced 40,000 years ago, and archaeological evidence of it has been found on every continent except Antarctica." 

Atlanta Magazine,
August  2018

Beer Guys Radio

Listen to Monks Meadery founder Justin Schoendorf on this podcast from Beer Guys Radio! 

Released Aug 25, 2018

"Mead is a long-lost art, not well-known here in the United States. We're really starting to learn about this stuff, even though it's the oldest alcohol"

-Kenneth Jenkinson
manager, Savannah Bee Co.

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